All In Your Head, 2019

The first sign of discomfort on my lower back appeared in 2016. Professionals persisted that I 'need to move more, you're over weight, you're too young to have a bad back, this is in your head'. After two years of waiting for appointments and physiotherapy, I could no longer walk and the pain had become unbearable. This project was made in response to the repetition of chronic pain being mentioned in association with past traumas, as no injury took place. Therefore, from my understanding, my brain was broken and was sending out incorrect signals for the strength of pain I was in. 

The Photobooth allowed me to capture myself hidden away from everyone and release the pain into poses, which resembled the physical and mental abuse, daily therapy exercises and family pressures. Each strip also transforms with the clothing that had once absorbed the trauma and each expression is impassive, as I try to overcome the past and a recovery unknown. 

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