Containment, 2020

In March 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the UK was told that it would need to go into full lockdown, with schools, non-essential shops closing and travel limited. Everyone except Key workers were restricted to their homes with only 30 minutes’ exercise per day.

The Frances Bardsley Academy Art department started their sketch book exchange right at the beginning of this lockdown, it was something which kept them connected with each other on a social level. It also provided a visual platform to discuss their lockdown journey and became a way to make sense of the situation, in ways that words and conversations sometimes can’t. - Words by Lisa Walker.

Here is a display some of Billie's work responding to other participants sketchbooks. These include FBA Head of Art, Clare Dorber, Art Teachers Tracey Pitchfork and Hannah Lines and Curator at the Appleby Gallery, Lisa Walker.

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